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Avoca Weekender Featured on Houzz Tour: Making Family Memories at a Holiday House Getaway

Houzz Australia's Rebecca Gross: "Materials, textures and colours create an intrinsic connection to place and set the scene to make family memories"

Architecture Saville Isaac's Avoca Weekender was recently featured on Houzz Australia's Houzz Tour: Making Family Memories at a Holiday House Getaway.

Architecture Saville Isaacs: Avoca Weekender Project Photographer: Kata Bayer

The article highlights Architecture Saville Isaac's aim to create a peaceful and healthy environment for our client where everyday living is a joy and every simple function gives pause to reflect, connecting to the surrounding nature.

The design responds to the challenges of the east-west orientation, with the roof tipped up to the north to capture winter sun, and deep covered verandas front and back, furnished as outdoor rooms.

Opening up the front and rear of the house provides views, transparency and fluid movement throughout.

"Holidays are a time that families come together and make valuable lasting memories. Situated between the sea and the bush, this holiday house has an idyllic position in Avoca on the NSW Central Coast," says Rebecca Gross of Houzz Australia.

"Architecture Saville Isaacs referenced this unique location through materials, textures and colours to create an intrinsic connection to place for making cherished family memories".

Architecture Saville Isaacs designed the house so that it takes advantage of its orientation and bush setting with sunlight, views and privacy carefully balanced and modulated by pivoting and fixed timber screens which are carefully positioned to frame ocean views or the surrounding bush.

This integration of interior design and the architecture as well as interior decoration are seamless. Architecture Saville Isaacs used cost-effective, common, locally produced materials working closely with local furniture makers and joiners in innovative ways.

Using joinery as part of the architecture exposed the property's raw beauty and assisted in providing the ultimate sense of luxury. The joinery elements are integral for space making - a timber screen wall folds over to become support for island bench top, kitchen joinery becomes wall and door, living room joinery is a wall, storage, window and incorporates fireplace.

The result of this integration is a casual yet luxurious, robust home with a strong relationship to outdoors and evocative views.

Architecture Saville Isaacs have a passion for architecture and this project promotes the unity of our passion for architecture and interiors. It works with the elements of materiality, space, volume and light seeking to achieve a sense of peace and tranquillity.

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